About the vuvuzela

What is the vuvuzela

The vuvuzela is a traditional instrument from south africa which is used by football fans in south africa to cheer at their teams. This instrument reaches a tremendous loudness and is for that reason not everywhere this popular. For this reason there were many discussions around the upcoming football world cup 2010 in south africa to ban the vuvuzela. Fifa decided NOT to ban them as they are strongly associated with south africans culture and football behaviour.

The traditional vuvuzela was manufactured from plate and/or stannous and was not popular until 1990. For the football world cup 2010 in south africa the vuvuzelas will be manufactured in many different country colors and they will be composed out of light plastic.

It is going to be expected that the vuvuzela will be the #1 fan product at the football world cup 2010. If you would like to buy the original plastic product in the color of your country you can do this here: Buy the vuvuzela

The vuvuzela for your iPhone is available here at Vuvuzela Worldcup